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Silver fillings

Why don't you do silver fillings?  Silver or amalgam fillings are  50% silver and 50% mercury.  There are also trace metals in that mix .  Mixing these two metals creates a stable compound called an amalgam, that can be used to fill teeth.  The amalgam being metal,  has a tendency to expand and contract, when we eat or drink ,hot /cold foods or liquids. This can cause teeth to become sensitive and cause fractures. We can avoid these complications by using tooth colored resin fillings. They also look much nicer in the mouth.

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The hidden truth about............... E-cigarettes & Vaping

Vaping devices have been successfully marketed to children and the increase in use by students is alarming. There are many  misconceptions about vaping. The most basic is  the false belief that these devices are safe, and they only produce water vapor. We know this is untrue. The devices produce an aerosol that may contain many  substances known to be toxic or  that have an unknown impact on long term health. The devices are very effective at delivering nicotine ,which is known to be a neurotoxin and that is highly addictive. In addition the devices may be used to consume marijuana or other substances that ...

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Do adults need Fluoride treatments ?

As we age , we have an increase  for dry mouth due to medications, and  recession due to clenching and grinding , 

Fluoride prevents cavity formation  and decreases sensitivity like nothing else!   And although Insurance companies do not want to pay for an adult application , the benefits you will receive will pay for themselves and  have been proven over and over with Fluoride ...

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