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By Bergmann & Hohm Dental
January 12, 2015
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If you grind your teeth, you may suffer from a host of problems without even realizing it.

Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, is a common condition that up to 30% of people deal with at some point in their lives. However, many people are not aware that they suffer from this problem because they are either asleep while it is happening or Dental Healthbecause their tooth grinding or jaw clenching has become an ingrained habit. Bruxism also has somewhat manageable short-term symptoms, such as headaches or jaw clicking, that don't usually prompt a visit to your Oconomowoc dentist. The long-term consequences, however, tend to be much more painful and expensive to fix.


Consistent agitation of the tooth surfaces can cause severe damage over time. You may notice your teeth becoming increasingly sensitive to heat or cold, which is a result of the protective enamel wearing away abnormally quickly and small cracks developing.

Loose teeth

Grinding your teeth doesn't just affect their surfaces. The tissues that connect teeth to the bone surrounding them, called periodontal ligaments, can become inflamed and weakened with constant pressure, making it difficult to bite down. This can also loosen teeth and damage previous restorations, resulting in an entirely different set of dental issues.


As oral clenching continues untreated, chronic headaches may develop. The friction in the temporomandibular joints (where the jaw is hinged on each side) can present as pain from around or inside the ear. Some sufferers notice a decreased ability to open the mouth when eating or yawning.

Often the symptoms of teeth grinding can be alleviated by a retainer worn at night or simple exercises. So if your sleeping partner has commented on the scraping or tapping noise you make during sleep, or if you are noticing some subtle changes in your teeth or jaw, call and make an appointment with your east central Wisconsin dentist today.

By Bergmann & Hohm Dental
October 06, 2014
Category: Oral Health
You’ve just come from a long, hot jog in the summer sun. You reach into your bag and can’t wait to guzzle the ice cold bottled water you brought with you. I’m sure the first few gulps are refreshing after your heart-pumping workout. Clearly, drinking water is far healthier for you than drinking sugary soda and sports drinks. However, if you consider yourself an avid consumer of bottled water, you might want to take a few minutes to read up on how this little plastic bottle could affect your dental health. Your dentist in Oconomowoc is here to give you the scoop on bottled water and the importance of fluoride.

5 Questions To Ask About Your Bottled Water

1. What is fluoride?
Fluoride is a mineral that has been known to protect against dental decay. It helps keep enamel strong by remineralizing tooth surfaces to prevent cavities from forming.
2. Will drinking bottled water without fluoride cause cavities? 
There are many reasons why cavities can develop. One factor is how much fluoride you consume. Your dentist will recommend the best ways for you to incorporate the right amount of fluoride to your diet, including toothpaste, floss and mouthwash. A natural source of fluoride is best though. 
If you consume bottled water with little or no fluoride and you aren’t getting fluoride from other sources, you may experience an increase in cavities. To ward off tooth decay, consider drinking fluoridated tap water instead.
3. Do bottled water labels mention the amount of fluoride they contain? 
While the FDA doesn’t require that fluoride content be listed on your water’s nutritional label, it does require fluoride additives to be listed. Also, if your water’s label says, “Drinking fluoridated water may reduce the risk of tooth decay,” then your water contains between 0.6 mg/L to 1.0 mg/L.
So how much fluoride should you be getting? The Department of Health and Human Services has done extensive research on the subject and has found that 0.7 mg/L is the recommended amount of fluoride that someone should have. 
4. If it’s not on the label, how can I find out the fluoride levels in my bottled water? 
If you want to find out more about your favorite bottled water’s fluoride content, our Oconomowoc dental practice recommends contacting the manufacturer directly to find out more.
5. What other tactics can you use to protect teeth? 
At Bergmann & Hohm Dental group, we now offer new, state-of-the-art fluoride varnishes that can be easily applied to the teeth. These fluoride varnishes have shown to be very effective in preventing tooth decay and cold sensitivity, as well as remineralizing damaged enamel.  
Protect your teeth from decay by monitoring how much fluoride is in your diet. If you have any concerns or questions regarding fluoride or fluoride treatments, contact your Oconomowoc, WI dentist today at (262) 567-0770.
By Bergmann & Hohm Dental
September 02, 2014
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dental safety June is National Safety Month, and the slogan this year is “Safety: It takes all of us.” The National Safety Council is dedicating each week to different safety issues. For the second week of June, it was “Stop slips, trips and falls.”
We hope all of our patients are having a fun and safe summer. With school out and vacation time coming up, people are spending more time outside. A simple slip or trip can cause physical injuries, and that often includes dental trauma.
What is Dental Trauma?
Dental trauma is an injury that can disturb the appearance and foundation of a tooth. The most common dental injury is a chipped tooth. Other types of mouth and dental injuries include:
  • Knocked-out tooth – the tooth is completely removed from the socket
  • Cracked tooth – a crack along the side of the outer enamel that often extends deep into the nerve
  • Loosened tooth – loosened from the jawbone and surrounding gum tissue
  • Intruded tooth – tooth is pushed into the gum
  • Gum tissue cuts
Every one of these issues needs to be seen and treated as soon as possible. Lack of action can cause a number of dental problems, including tooth loss, tooth decay and infection.
Sports Dentistry in Oconomowoc to the Rescue
Sports-related dental injuries require an examination by a dental professional. Our practice offers sports dentistry to help patients treat and prevent dental injuries caused by sports.
Tactics for preventing sports-related dental injuries:
  • Mouthguards
  • Educational tips for keeping the face and mouth protected from external forces
  • Dental supplies, technology and treatments for dental injuries
Are you currently living with a dental injury? Contact our Oconomowoc dentist office for an emergency consultation. Call Drs. Bergmann and Hohm at (262) 567-0770. 
By Bergmann & Hohm Dental
March 18, 2014
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Oconomowoc dentistry and veneersDrs. Bergmann and Hohm bundled up and headed south for the Midwinter Dental Convention in the windy city of Chicago.

What is the Midwinter Dental Convention all about? 

It is a three-day meeting in which dentists from all over the world come together to build their dental knowledge with hands-on participation courses and networking opportunities. It’s a big deal for the dental community. According to the Chicago Dental Society, here is the number of people in attendance:
  • Dentists: 6, 763
  • Graduates students: 135
  • Dental students: 1,032
  • Hygienists: 3,871
  • Assistants: 2,761
  • Office personnel: 2,009
  • Laboratory technicians: 227
  • Hygienist/Assistant students: 1,744
  • Guests: 1,648
  • Press: 109
  • Trade: 898
  • Exhibitors: 8,633
In total, there were 29, 830 people wandering the convention. From dentists to hygienists to dental students, there were many people who had different dental experiences, levels of education and knowledge in areas of dentistry.
And one of the biggest highlights of the Midwinter Meeting were the international speakers who revealed the latest dental technology.

The Bergmann and Hohm dental team’s convention activities

Drs. Hohm and Bergmann attended the convention with eight staff members and wasted no time. Drs. Bergmann, Hohm and staff took 116 hours of continuing education courses related to cosmetic dentistry, laser dentistry and Invisalign treatment.
The cosmetic dentistry courses at the Midwinter Convention will be a great assistance to some of the leading dental services Drs. Bergmann and Hohm currently offer at their practice in Oconomowoc: veneers, dental implants, teeth whitening and same-day crowns.
What’s more, Drs. Bergmann and Hohm are introducing a new technique to their trade—buffering solution. It will make dental injections much more comfortable.
Keep an eye out because our next blog post will be revealing more information about the benefits of buffering!
Last but not least, we made it back safe and sound, and our Oconomowoc dentist office is open once again. Are you ready to make your next appointment? Call our office at (262) 567-0770. 
By Bergmann & Hohm Dental
December 23, 2013
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Oconomowoc DentistIt’s the holiday crunch time. You probably aren’t worrying too much. Those big Christmas items might already be taken care of. What about those stocking stuffers? This seems to be the hardest part of buying presents. You need to get something that fits well in the stocking, but you also want to buy something that your loved one(s) need. Dental care can be the best gift you slip into the stockings. With all of the holiday sweets being mixed and baked, your family members will definitely benefit from some health-conscious presents! Drs. Brian Bergmann and Gottfried Hohm, Oconomowoc dentists, can give you one great stocking idea—the Sonicare EasyClean Rechargeable sonic toothbrush.

Sonicare EasyClean Rechargeable sonic toothbrush

Oral health habits need to be established at a young age. Once your child understands the importance of oral hygiene, the better off their teeth and gums will be. More importantly, they need to know how long to brush (two minutes) and what techniques work best.
It’s not a good idea to rush through a brushing because food debris and plaque bacteria aren’t properly removed. Moreover, some people, especially children, brush too hard or don’t use the proper motion to stimulate the gums and safely clean the tooth enamel. The Sonicare EasyClean makes cleaning easy for all. The sonic toothbrush’s features boost oral health, such as:
  • Two-minute timer – you are supposed to brush for two minutes, but most people don’t keep track. This timer does it for you, so you know you are putting in the right amount of cleaning time.
  • Dynamic cleaning action – it assists with the removal of extrinsic stains caused by food and beverages, such as coffee, tea and berries.
  • Pressure and motion – the toothbrush drives fluid between the teeth and near the gumline for an optimal clean. Sonicare’s sonic technology removes 2× more plaque than a manual toothbrush.
Until December 23rd, your dentists in Oconomowoc at Bergmann & Hohm Dental Group are offering a Sonicare EasyClean Rechargeable sonic toothbrush at a reduced cost. Some online sites and stores prices for the Sonicare EasyClean range from $75–89.99, which isn’t an ideal holiday sale. At our practice, we are making it available at the price of $65, and you can also get a $10 rebate on the already lower price! Call your Oconomowoc dentists regarding availability or if you have other dental concerns! Call (262) 567 0770 today for Sonicare EasyClean sonic toothbrush!

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