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After attending the Midwinter Dental Convention in Chicago, Drs. Bergmann and Hohm brought back a new technique—buffering.

What Is Buffering?

dentistry bufferingIn dentistry, buffering is the process of adding an 8.4 percent solution of sodium bicarbonate to an anesthetic. The sodium bicarbonate solution buffers out the acidity, resulting in a more comfortable injection and a much faster onset of anesthesia.
To increase patient comfort, Drs. Bergmann and Hohm also utilize a new, specifically formulated topical anesthetic that is applied to the gums.  This topical solution is compounded with specific ingredients, which dramatically increases its ability to numb the gum area better than before.
“This new formula has been a great aid, especially when treating young children,” remarks Dr. Bergmann.

Advantages of Buffering at Our Oconomowoc Dentistry Office

After using the buffering technique, Drs. Hohm and Bergmann have noticed a jump in patient comfort, among other advantages:
  • Faster and stronger onset of anesthesia
  • Shorter appointment time
  • Painless dental experience
The appointment time is shorter because Drs. Bergmann and Hohm don’t have to wait too long for the anesthetic to take effect.
“The main goal is to create a more pleasant, painless experience with the use of advanced technology. Good experiences create better dental visits and more frequent dental visits at that,” explains Dr. Hohm.
Would you like to know more about our buffering technique? Call our Oconomowoc dentist office for more information.  

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