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September 02, 2014
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dental safety June is National Safety Month, and the slogan this year is “Safety: It takes all of us.” The National Safety Council is dedicating each week to different safety issues. For the second week of June, it was “Stop slips, trips and falls.”
We hope all of our patients are having a fun and safe summer. With school out and vacation time coming up, people are spending more time outside. A simple slip or trip can cause physical injuries, and that often includes dental trauma.
What is Dental Trauma?
Dental trauma is an injury that can disturb the appearance and foundation of a tooth. The most common dental injury is a chipped tooth. Other types of mouth and dental injuries include:
  • Knocked-out tooth – the tooth is completely removed from the socket
  • Cracked tooth – a crack along the side of the outer enamel that often extends deep into the nerve
  • Loosened tooth – loosened from the jawbone and surrounding gum tissue
  • Intruded tooth – tooth is pushed into the gum
  • Gum tissue cuts
Every one of these issues needs to be seen and treated as soon as possible. Lack of action can cause a number of dental problems, including tooth loss, tooth decay and infection.
Sports Dentistry in Oconomowoc to the Rescue
Sports-related dental injuries require an examination by a dental professional. Our practice offers sports dentistry to help patients treat and prevent dental injuries caused by sports.
Tactics for preventing sports-related dental injuries:
  • Mouthguards
  • Educational tips for keeping the face and mouth protected from external forces
  • Dental supplies, technology and treatments for dental injuries
Are you currently living with a dental injury? Contact our Oconomowoc dentist office for an emergency consultation. Call Drs. Bergmann and Hohm at (262) 567-0770. 

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