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By Bergmann & Hohm Dental
February 26, 2015
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If you're missing one or more teeth, you may be uncomfortable with your smile. Chewing can be more difficult and a loss of teeth can even upset your bite. But partial dentures can be an inexpensive solution to help restore your smile.

What are Partial Dentures?

A partial denture, sometimes referred to simply as a partial, is used when you have natural teeth remaining in your mouth but need Denturesto fill in gaps where one or more teeth have been removed. The partial denture contains replacement teeth on a plastic base, which snaps onto your existing teeth to stay firmly in place.

Types of Partial Dentures

Today, there are different types of dentures suited for different needs. Some dentures are made with a metal base, others are made on a plastic base. Your dentist can work with you to determine which type of denture is right for you.

The Partial Denture Process

Whether you are being fitted for a metal or a plastic denture, first your dentist will prepare the surrounding teeth that your partial denture may use for support. Next, your dentist will make an impression of your upper and lower teeth. These impressions are then sent to a laboratory that will create your new partial denture.

When you Receive Your Partial

Once your dentist receives your partial denture from the laboratory, they will place it in your mouth and then evaluate the fit and your bite. They then may make some adjustments in the office until the denture feels right to you. Over the coming weeks, you may need to make return visits to your dentist for additional adjustments as you get used to your partial. It will take time to get used to the fit, but with a little patience, your partial denture will soon help restore your smile and your confidence.

If you are missing teeth, visit your dentist to see if a partial denture is right for you. The Bergmann & Hohm Dental Group of Okauchee, WI offers full and partial dentures to meet your individual needs. Schedule a consultation today to learn how you can improve your smile with partial dentures!

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