Dentures are no longer the only way to restore a mouth that has a single missing tooth, a few missing teeth or possibly no natural teeth present.  Strategically placed dental implants can now be used to replace missing teeth and support permanent dental bridges.  Dental implants are becoming the alternative of choice to partial dentures, full dentures and dental bridgework. Implants and implant supported dentures/bridges closely resemble the “feel” and “look of real teeth."

Dental implants are tooth root substitutes that are placed within the jawbone and act as anchors to stabilize artificial teeth.  They can replace one, some, or all missing teeth and help eliminate the instability associated with removable partials or full dentures.  Most individuals are good candidates for dental implants, according to the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons.

Implants are a good solution to tooth loss because they look and feel like natural teeth. The implant material is made from titanium which is bio-compatible with body tissue. Implants are placed directly into the jawbone resembling natural tooth roots. Because implants require surgery, patients are advised to have a current medical exam done by their primary care doctor and to have a complete dental examination including a periodontal assessment done by their family dentist prior to implant placement. Having adequate bone to support the implant and being committed to good oral hygiene practices with regular dental check-ups are of utmost importance for the implant patient.

 If you suffer from chronic dental problems, such as clenching, bruxism, or systemic diseases, such as diabetes, the success rate for implants decreases dramatically.  Additionally, people who smoke may not be optimum candidates.

A few benefits of using dental implants are that they don’t rely on neighboring teeth for support, are permanent, long-lasting and very stable in the oral cavity. Therefore, if you are considering dental implants, a thorough evaluation by your dentist will help determine if you would be a viable candidate for an implant procedure.  

To learn more about implants visit and place your cursor over the word " procedures" and then click on "Dental Implants" for important information.

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